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Cere Junda was a human female former Jedi who became a mentor to Cal Kestis during the rise of the Galactic Empire.


Among the scattered Jedi who survived Order 66, the purge that all-but wiped out the Jedi Order, Cere Junda has been living in seclusion for years. After saving Cal Kestis from the Imperial Inquisitorius, Cere begins to mentor the former Padawan. But along with Greez Dritus, the captain of the Stinger Mantis, Cere is on a secret mission of her own -- to rebuild the Jedi Order.


Cere Junda was a jedi knight at the time of order 66.She trained several apprentices,including Trillia Sudari.However,she was captured alongside Trillia during Order 66,and was tortured by the Empire,as well as being forced to watch as Trillia fell to the Dark Side and became the Second Sister.

Five years later,Cere rescued Cal Kestis from the Empire on Bracca,and aided him on his adventures,revealing her Jedi past to him in the process.



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