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Dathomir is a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories, a planet that was the home of the Nightsisters.


A remote planet, Dathomir is drenched in blood-red light from its central star. The planet has continents overrun by twisted vegetation, with forests of bent trees burdened by large, cocoon-like fruit. Bordering dense swamplands is the massive stone fortresses of the Nightsisters, a witch clan. The Nightsisters kept to themselves, but had on occasion been known to offer their services to those who piqued their interests. Far from the Nightsisters lived the Nightbrothers -- a tattooed clan of Zabrak warriors were subservient to their female counterparts.


The planet Dathomir was colonised by the Zeffo around the time of Sage Kujet, and was the site of a dark side ritual enacted by said sage. It was also the home of an ancient Human-Zabrak hybrid race with an affinity for the dark side known as the Nightbrothers and Nightsisters.

During the Clone Wars, Mother Talzin of the Nightsisters provided two apprentices for the Sith lord Count Dooku from among her people's ranks, but organised several assassination attempts when the first of these apprentices was betrayed by the Sith. In retaliation, the CIS military leader General Grievous and his droid army wiped out Talzin's Nightsister clan, leaving only a single survivor.

After Order 66, Jedi general Taron Malicos was stranded on Dathomir after fleeing his traitorous clone troops. He encountered the night brother clan that lived around the Zeffo ruins, gaining their allegiance through both his strength and his manipulation of their Nightsister leader's fragile world view.

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Other locations Dathomir features:

  • Landing Pad
  • Brother's Bastion
  • Cliffside Fortress
  • Collapsed Settlement
  • Halls of the Nydak
  • Nightbrother village
  • Nightbrother Dungeon
  • Nightmare Ruins
  • Strangled Cliffs
  • Upper Strangled Cliffs
  • Swamp of Sacrifice
  • Tomb of Kujet
  • Treacherous Approach
  • Witches Horn



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