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Probe Droid is a droid in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.





Tactical Guide entry[]

Some droids may have the ability to slice in and control Probe's functions.

Capable of being physically maneuvered and used as a weapon.

The sinister Imperial Probe Droid, also known as a Probot, was an exploration and reconnaissance unit deployed by the Galactic Empire. This lightly-armored probe is equipped with six manipulator arms extending from a central pod and several retractable sensor arms for gathering samples. High resolution receivers and sensors cover the central brain core, including motion, acoustic, sonic, and seismic sensors, a radiation meter, magnetic imager, and holocamera. It carries an atmosphere sensor and hovers on a repulsorlift generator capable of maneuvering most terrain. Its primary directive is recon and surveillance of potential threats to the Empire, including insurgents, fugitives, and specialized targets.

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