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The Second Sister is a character, enemy and the main antagonist in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


Ambitious and cruel, the Second Sister is one of the deadliest members of the Imperial Inquisition. She relishes hunting down both Force-sensitives and political dissidents for the Empire. Although she is an expert lightsaber duelist and adept with the dark side of the Force, the Second Sister's greatest weapon is her brilliant ability to deduce and predict the behavior of her prey.


A former Jedi Padawan, the Second Sister was an Inquisitor in the service of the Sith. During the early years of the Galactic Empire's reign, she was tasked with hunting down Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis. To accomplish this, the Second Sister used Purge troopers to assist her.

In a fight between the Second Sister and Cal Kestis, the Second Sister reveals herself to be Trilla Sudari, one of Cere Junda apprentices when Junda was attacked during the Imperial Purge.

Sudari then continued to battle Kestis, but was killed by Darth Vader on Nur.

Tactical Guide entry[]

Unpredictable, unrelenting and agile with a lightsaber.

Parry, Block, Evade and Attack.

A relentless Imperial Inquistor, the Second Sister is cunning and highly intelligent. Her curious nature and sociopathic charisma allow her to patiently manipulate almost any adversary into revealing their weakness and fears. Be wary as she sadistically toys with her prey before a fierce, agile strike.




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