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Taron Malicos (The Wanderer) is a character in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


Taron Malicos was a great Jedi General during the Clone Wars. After being betrayed by his clone troopers during Order 66, he escaped and crash landed on Dathomir. After seizing dominance of a clan of Nightbrothers, he encountered Merrin, one of the last surviving Nightsisters. After attempting to convince her to teach him her magicks, he ultimately would be betrayed by Merrin upon her encountering Malicos speaking with Cal Kestis. Malicos had accused the Jedi of being behind the slaughter of her Sisters. After Kestis returned to Dathomir, who once again rejected Malicos’s call to join him, he was defeated through the combined efforts of Kestis and Merrin.


The wanderer is revealed to be Taron Malicos, a former Jedi now in hiding. Betrayed by his own troopers during Order 66, he crashed on Dathomir where he succumbed to darkness and madness. Seeking a return to power, he manipulated Merrin and the Nightbrothers in an effort to learn the secrets of their brand of the force referred to as 'magick'.

Tactical Guide[]

Attacks frequently and continuously, using the Force to strike from a distance.

Use extreme caution, keep an eye on him at all times; some attacks may be parried.

Once a formidable Jedi General, Malicos escaped the horrific purge of Order 66. A trained motivator and cunning tactician, he maintains a composed demeanor during combat, but will strike with ferocity and deliberate precision. Full of surprises, he utilizes his mastery of the Force with an extended assault, or as a precursor to his lightsaber attack, including a combination of dual-blades.



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Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
I Knew He Was No Good.png I Knew He Was No Good Defeat a former Jedi Master 25 Silver